Stage Kompaktlagersystem med skyttlar

Kompaktlager med skyttlar

  • Compact storage to hold more pallets on the same footprint.
  • Very high throughput
  • Different pallet types can be stored in the same rack system
  • Careful load handling
  • LiFo and FiFo can be implemented

Kompaktlager med skyttlar

Shuttle compact storage systems combine maximum utilisation of space in the warehouse with high throughput. Drive-in warehouses typically require flexibility in terms of different numbers of items, for which the channel depth has been optimised during planning. The basis for this is a system with a channel rack, shuttles that move independently within the channels and basic trucks for storing and retrieving goods. Shuttle systems are unsurpassed in achieving high throughput in high-growth environments with a low to medium variety of items. Savings are also made in terms of time and travel routes: While the UPC shuttle is still storing, the truck is already moving to transport the next pallet to the channel opening. The shuttles, Jungheinrich Under Pallet Carriers, travel underneath the pallets that they carry. They can carry pallets of all different sizes. Even when requirements increase, the UPC shuttle system allows you to remain flexible; you can expand with additional rack blocks or increase throughput with additional UPC shuttles. Typical application fields include deep-freeze warehouses, production buffer warehouses, restocking warehouses for order picking and the entire haulage services industry.


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