Stage EKS 215a

Automatiserad högplocktruck (AGV)

  • 3500 - 6000 mm
  • 1500 - 1500 kg
  • Precise pallet handling thanks to laser navigation
  • Efficient, process-reliable completion of routine tasks
  • ERP connection via Logistics Interface for optimised processes
  • Flexibility thanks to adjustable forks
  • Short payback period thanks to process optimisation

EKS 215a

Our flexible and precise EKS 215a is an Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGV-S) based on our tried-and-tested electric medium/high level order picker, which effectively streamlines the processes in your warehouse in combination with automation and navigation components, as well as future-proof software.Modern 48-V 3-phase AC technology ensures long periods of use without battery charging. Active energy management, regenerative braking, the TÜV-certified CAN-Bus control system and other well-engineered safety components guarantee maximum performance and safety. High flexibility is provided by the adjustable forks, which enable the EKSa to transport special load carriers and closed pallets. The AGV-S works with laser navigation using reflectors on the ground. The AGV-S can be used in mixed operations with manual trucks and pedestrians. Whether integrated into existing structures or as part of a new system – the EKS 215a is the perfect choice.


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