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Stage case study Noerpel 2022
Sustainable fleet for Noerpel

The POWERLiNE truck ERDi brings momentum into the warehouse

Up to 5,000 goods per day are stored, transferred and retrieved in the warehouse of the transport and logistics service provider Noerpel in Ulm, Germany. It's often a tight squeeze. No problem for the compact electric stacker truck ERD 220i. It ensures speed with agility, ergonomics and safety.


  • Reduction of the CO2 footprint of the trucks through more sustainable drive systems
  • Demand for high availability of trucks
  • Constrained routes at peak times due to block storage of pallets
  • Vehicles are in operation 24 hours a day, six days a week, and are therefore highly used
  • The loading of HGVs via ramps and dark freight compartments as well as the charging situation place high demands on safety and comfort


  • 30 ERD 220i electric stacker trucks with integrated lithium-ion battery
  • 30 quick charging points strategically placed in the transshipment hall
  • ERD 220i comes with a spacious stand-on design with three-sided protection
  • Automatic speed adjustment when cornering and travelling over ramps
  • Sensor-based headlight detects HGV environment and illuminates the dark cargo area


  • Faster storage, transfer and retrieval processes
  • Highest safety standards to protect drivers and goods
  • High availability of the fleet through intermediate charging option of the lithium-ion batteries
  • Reduced energy costs through active load management solution

Noerpel at a glance

Quote portrait Florian Harrer case study Noerpel 2022
Florian Harrer
Operations Manager at Noerpel

"My employees are amazed by the power of the ERD 220i - and I about the fact that they are still safe."

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