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Innovative tow trucks modernise aviation services.

Aviator is ready for take-off with a new fleet of high-performance tow trucks.

Aviator is a supplier of a comprehensive range of aviation services in Scandinavia and the UK. Jungheinrich helped Aviator's airport baggage and cargo handling services in Sweden reach new heights of performance, safety and ergonomic operation, thanks to a new fleet of powerful tow trucks.


  • Existing fleet of tow trucks failed to meet high safety standards.
  • Poor ergonomic design of truck cabins.
  • Performance levels were insufficient to meet operational demands.
  • Acceleration of old trucks was unsatisfactory.
  • Environmental performance a high priority for Aviator.


  • Analysis of Aviator's requirements for baggage and parcel transportation.
  • Assessment of airport ramps, turning-circle limits, etc.
  • Planning of an electric tow tractor and truck fleet.
  • Provision of workstations with adjustable steering wheel, cabin heating, intuitive operation.


  • Productivity boost: new EZS 7280 tractors tow up to 28 tonnes.
  • Smooth acceleration and excellent stability on ramps ensure greater safety.
  • Ergonomic cabins are roomier and more comfortable for operators.
  • Outstanding environmental performance thanks to electric drives.

Aviator in a nutshell:

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