Stage ESC 214_214z_216_216z

Staplare med tvärställd stol (1,4-1,6t)

  • 2800 - 6200 mm
  • 1400 - 1600 kg
  • Only 820 mm width for working in narrow aisles
  • Maximum speed and acceleration
  • High residual capacity and powerful lift motor
  • Ergonomic seating position for perfect all-round visibility
  • Particularly robust chassis for intense applications

ESC 214/ 214z/ 216/ 216z

The compact and robust series 2 sideways seated stackers ESC are ideal for intense applications over long distances. Due to their compact design, with a narrow width of only 820 mm, they are ideally suited for confined warehouses such as block storage. With their solid chassis, they are well suited for challenging applications. They are equipped with a powerful lift motor, which – in combination with the solid mast – ensures safe stacking even in great heights. For the efficient transport of goods these stackers use a powerful drive motor. Due to the 3-phase AC technology the ESC reach high speeds and fast acceleration, which contribute to the efficiency in your warehouse operation. Frequent direction changes pose no problems either. With the sideways seated position the operator has constant all-round overview and the electric steering ensures that fewer steering movements are needed. This focus on ergonomic working conditions is a direct contribution to the safety in your warehouse. 


Med vår litiumjonlösning kan du med lätthet lämna konkurrenterna bakom dig: Maximal prestanda med upp till 20% lägre energiförbrukning. Tre gånger så långt serviceliv. Extremt korta uppladdningstider. Noll underhåll. Läs mer om hur du sänker dina kostnader långsiktigt.



Modell Max. lyftkapacitet Max. lyft (h3) Kör­
ESC 2141400 kg5350 mm9,1 km/h2125 mm24 V
ESC 2161600 kg5350 mm9,1 km/h2125 mm24 V
ESC 214z1400 kg5350 mm9,1 km/h2140 mm24 V
ESC 216z1600 kg5350 mm9,1 km/h2140 mm24 V

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