Stage EJC 212_214_216_220

Staplare för bredvidgående förare (1.2 - 2.0t)

  • 2500 - 6000 mm
  • 1200 - 3000 kg
  • Lift heights up to 6 m and high residual carrying capacities
  • Electric tiller steering for fatigue-free working
  • Proportional hydraulics for precise and gentle depositing and lifting
  • Long safety-tiller and optimum view at the forks
  • Quick lateral battery exchange for multiple shift application

EJC 230

The powerful and robust EJC 2 are perfectly suited for intense applications and for stacking of heavy cargo in great heights. For this purpose, they are also equipped with safety features, such as a long tiller. Due to the perfect tuning of steering technology and our low-maintenance and powerful 3-phase AC technology the energy consumption of these robust stackers remains surprisingly low. This allows for high efficiency rates at low operating costs. Particularly multi-shift usage is no problem, due to the simple lateral battery exchange.   Additionally, the EJC 2 impress with their ergonomics and usability. The proportional hydraulics, for example, ensure gentle and precise lifting and depositing, even of heavy cargo. And the liftPLUS option enables fast stacking. 


Med vår litiumjonlösning kan du med lätthet lämna konkurrenterna bakom dig: Maximal prestanda med upp till 20% lägre energiförbrukning. Tre gånger så långt serviceliv. Extremt korta uppladdningstider. Noll underhåll. Läs mer om hur du sänker dina kostnader långsiktigt.


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