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Stage arculus
Vi formar framtiden för intralogistikbranschen

arculus är den nyaste medlemmen i familjen Jungheinrich

Två företag – dedikerade till att uppnå hållbarhet genom automationseffektivitet – blir ett. För att skapa banbrytande automationslösningar för ditt företag.

Automation is at the heart of Jungheinrich’s strategy, and we continue to invest and innovate to support our customers’ priorities. In an exciting development that underlines our commitment to pioneering technology, Jungheinrich AG has acquired arculus GmbH, an innovative start-up business with market leading autonomous vehicle technology.

arculus is a software and robotics company

Founded in 2016, arculus is a software and robotics company committed to making modular production a reality. Jungheinrich and arculus share common goals and values and a commitment to make it easy for our customers to achieve their automation goals quickly and efficiently.

A complete automation portfolio for you

Adding the arculee AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) massively extends Jungheinrich’s AGV/AMR portfolio and allows us to access your business use cases, such as underload transport and AMR-based goods-to-person order picking (G2P). We can now offer Mobile Robots (AMR/AGV) to meet all your requirements, from low level to high level to narrow aisle, load towing to underrun, goods to person and robot to goods. 
Based on the standardized interface VDA 5050, arculus provides a control system managing the AGV/AMR of different suppliers, which means we can support your use cases with systems from different manufacturers in one solution.

Jungheinrich and arculus share many goals

In addition to the synergy of German companies with strong engineering credentials and recognized track records in research and development, both Jungheinrich and arculus are committed to high quality standards and put customer requirements at the center of their activities. Together, we are also dedicated to achieving sustainability through automation efficiency.
The acquisition of arculus by Jungheinrich will provide arculus with even more strength on its automation path, driving the world’s transition to a flexible, efficient and sustainable way of manufacturing. Working together, your business will benefit from the combination of our extended Mobile Robot portfolio and our global resources, including after-deployment and after-sales resources, to meet your business needs even in the largest projects.

Our joint automation journey

The addition of robots to the intralogistics process provides your business with new levels of flexibility, control and higher efficiency. It also drives continuous improvement through accelerated learning. For you as a Jungheinrich customer, combining the dynamism of a start-up AMR leader with the stability of a trusted, long standing, proven global business provides easy access to innovation without risk.

Together, Jungheinrich and arculus can meet your business needs for pioneering automation solutions that can be rapidly scaled across a global business, making it easy to achieve your automation goals quickly and efficiently from a single source.

Dr. Lars Brzoska neuer Vorstandsvorsitzender
Dr. Lars Brzoska
CEO Jungheinrich AG

Tillsammans med arculus utnyttjar vi tillväxtsynergier för automatiserad intralogistik. Detta är ett nytt kapitel i historien om framtidens lager.

Dr. Fabian Rusitschka
CEO arculus GmbH

I Jungheinrich har vi hittat en briljant matchning för att fortsätta driva världens övergång till ett flexibelt, effektivt och hållbart tillverkningssätt.


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