Stage ERE 225a

Automatiserad låglyftare (AGV)

  • 122 - 122 mm
  • 2500 - 2500 kg
  • Automatic, reliable and safe
  • Optimised transport routes
  • Utilisation of existing routes
  • Short payback period
  • High capacity
  • Project-specific adjustment due to range of equipment options

ERE 225a

The ERE 225a is an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) based on our standard series truck. It combines advanced engineering with precision navigation technology and safety components. This ensures the highest possible level of reliability and safety.

The ERE 225a can be used in mixed operations mode with manual trucks and pedestrians. Whether to be integrated into existing factory structures or a new build – the ERE 225a is the perfect choice for increasing the efficiency of your transport processes. The high capacity combined with the variable fork lengths enables the ERE 225a to be used for the transport of multiple pallets at floor level.

No floor work is required for the navigation of our AGV. Navigation is carried out by means of the Jungheinrich warehouseNAVIGATION. To navigate the warehouse, reflectors are attached to suitable objects along the travel route such as racking, columns and walls or natural landmarks.

The AGV can easily be integrated into the existing IT and software landscape. Our award-winning Jungheinrich Logistics Interface facilitates a smooth connection to any host system, such as the Jungheinrich WMS or other available WMS/ERP systems. However, the AGV system in the form of the ERE 225a can also be used as a stand-alone system, i.e. as an autonomous system without a host connection.

The modular system structure makes it possible to represent individual customer processes as well as reacting flexibly and quickly to process changes. This creates a solid basis for the use of the AGV system according to your specific requirements.


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