Stage EJC 110

Ledstaplare (1,0-1,2t)

  • 2500 - 4700 mm
  • 1000 - 1200 kg
  • Powerful and maintenance-free 3-phase AC motors
  • Proportional hydraulics for precise and gentle depositing and lifting
  • Manoeuvrable and compact due to narrow aisle width
  • Built-in charger for quick and easy charging of the batteries
  • Different masts and lift heights available

EJC 110/ 112

The robust and handy pedestrian stackers EJC of the 1 series are powerful helpers for stacking and transporting in your warehouse. With their narrow aisle width these stackers are particularly suitable for moving cargo in confined spaces. Their manoeuvrability is supported by the crawl speed function, which allows for safe moving with an upright tiller. The multifunction tiller head is intuitive and can be used with the right as well as the left hand, which allows for the operator to fully focus on the stacking. This contributes to the overall safety in your warehouse. A built-in charger, optionally protected against humidity and dust, enables fast and easy charging at any 230-V electricity outlet. These stackers are optionally available with lithium-ion technology, which has particularly short charging times and maintenance-free batteries.


Med vår litiumjonlösning kan du med lätthet lämna konkurrenterna bakom dig: Maximal prestanda med upp till 20% lägre energiförbrukning. Tre gånger så långt serviceliv. Extremt korta uppladdningstider. Noll underhåll. Läs mer om hur du sänker dina kostnader långsiktigt.



Modell Maximal lyftkapacitet Högsta lyfthöjd (h3) Kör
EJC 1101000 kg4700 mm6 km/h1822 mm24 V
EJC 1121200 kg4700 mm6 km/h1822 mm24 V

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