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Årtionden av erfarenheter har förpackats i vårt breda utbud av assistanssystem. Varje enskild lösning har fulländats in i minsta detalj - allt för att säkerställa högre effektivitet för ditt företag och bättre säkerhet för såväl personal, truckar som varor.

Den rätta lösningen för varje situation:

Håll lagerdriften säker.

Assistanssystemen från Jungheinrich underlättar det dagliga arbetet och ökar säkerheten på lagret. De skydda såväl personal, truckar som lagerutrustning. Högre säkerhet i alla driftsitutioner.

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Well-protected at every turn: curveCONTROL

Speeding in corners is a leading risk factor for tip-over accidents. curveCONTROL automatically adjusts the truck speed when cornering, depending on load and steering angle: the heavier the load, the slower the truck‘s cornering speed. This significantly decreases the risk of overturning or slipping, while enhancing warehouse safety for your employees and trucks as well as your goods.

Move goods faster and easier.

Our innovative assistance systems not only make day-to-day work in the warehouse safer, but also faster and more cost-effective. Intelligent prevention and accident avoidance when it matters most.


Handle your loads faster: positionCONTROL

positionCONTROL enables the setting of customised target heights for any warehouse environment. This results in shorter trips and optimised lifting operations as well as reduced adjusting time in between stacking operations and increased availability, thus saving time and energy. As a result, using positionCONTROL can increase productivity by up to 15%.

Process orders more efficiently.

The smart assistance systems from Jungheinrich not only increase safety in your warehouse, but thanks to the connection to your Warehouse Management Software, the systems also make it much more efficient to process stacking, retrieval and order picking operations.


For targeted precision: warehouseNAVIGATION

For each movement of goods, the truck operator has to reorientate himself within the racking system. This is where warehouseNAVIGATION comes into play. It transmits the correct rack location to the truck, which then approaches it automatically with high-precision diagonal travel. This greatly reduces the strain on the driver, who only has to operate the lift function. This results in greater order picking accuracy combined with an up to 25% increase in throughput performance.

Extensive knowledge is the basis for practical solutions.

Our development work is based on a comprehensive understanding of intralogistics. At the same time, we are deeply familiar with the individual challenges posed by each and every industry and application. Only with this knowledge can we effectively boost efficiency and safety in the warehouse.

Jungheinrich identifies the relevant problem areas and delivers the optimum solution in the form of a tailored assistance system. The technology employed is dictated by its suitability and practicality. Simple systems without control intervention are just as relevant as high-tech assistance systems with comprehensive sensors and complex signal evaluation.

Other assistance systems that will make your warehouse operations safer.

Other assistance systems that will make you move goods faster and easier.

Other assistance systems that will make you process orders more efficiently.

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